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Economics: US Post Office to Default Bigtime

In the continuing parade of overpromising benefits and underdelivering on profitability to make payments, we have the USPS which is very overextended.   The key news here is that there is a default of almost $7 Billion in payments. Who is going to be on the hook?  The American taxpayer.   WASHINGTON (AP) — The…

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Disruptions in Cabs: No More Coffee With Comedians

Uber and Lyft have continued to disrupt patterns in the transportation grid,  primarily in the cab business.   I can speak from personal experience on a trip to Miami.  Cab driver = rude, dangerous, expensive.  Uber driver=courteous, inexpensive, clean, safe.   I was warned at a coffee shop in Miami:  “Many cab drivers in Miami will…

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Economics Reign Supreme…Decline Continues

In the last week, headlines have captured a number of economic disruptions in the government and infrastructure fabric that will bring dire cicumstances in the near future: Puerto Rico – the bombshell of incompetence and mismanagement.   Puerto Rico owes a ton of to its bondholders and tried to negoatiate a deal.  But its own…

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