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5 Tactics China Uses to Asserts Its Power in the South China Sea

China is asserting itself on the world stage but with a 21st Century strategy. Striving to resurrect its former glory as a power after a century of foreign domination, World War and Mao’s murderous Cultural Revolution, China’s socialist dictators realize that their Socialist Dictatorship must be protected to insure its capitalist survival. Conventional warfare and nuclear devastation can’t be cards to play which is how I plotted out my thriller, “Stealing Thunder” with its Chinese power grab.

So, what are China’s ‘weapons’ for the next Pacific conflict?

Nationalism. The Communists keep the anti-Japanese sentiment on low boil, cranking up the temperature as warranted. Their TV shows have plots detailing Japanese atrocities – and the Chinese victory. And today’s socialist leaders are very good at manipulating these nationalist sentiments.

In the shadow of the Senkaku island incident, on September 18, 2010, Chinese demonstrated in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and other cities to protest the 79th anniversary of the Mukden Incident. This event, where the Imperial Japanese Army dynamited a railway and blamed Chinese radicals, became Japan’s reason to invade Manchuria and China proper. The timing was perfect to jar the Japanese public – and reminder one billion Chinese about the murder of their parents or grandparents.

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China Plays Its Hand Against Japan with Conflict in the Senkaku Islands

The Communist People’s Republic of China is confronting its neighbors and the United States in the Pacific. But how strong is their muscle in the fight? And, to paraphrase John McClane from “Die Hard”, what can we do to throw a ‘monkey in the works’?

First, China is an island. Isolated by Siberia, Western Muslim lands, the Himalayas and jungles of the south, China historically kept inside its borders. The Mongols were horse riders with a bloodthirsty wanderlust, but not Chinese. China’s punitive confrontations with India and Vietnam were short-lived. A population density map of China shows coastal regions where opportunity and commerce are strongest. The central and western hinterlands are almost unpopulated. A key weakness is the economic and social disparity of its interior and the coast. China’s future lies with the sea.



Second, China’s game is to control the sea lanes, its commerce and, therefore, its neighbor’s future economic survival. But control of the sea, by its very nature, requires naval forces and constant maneuvering. A quarter of the world’s oil on the sea passes from the strategic Straits of Malacca through the South China Sea to China and the West’s allies, South Korea and Japan. These ships head through the Spratly Islands claimed by China as well as Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Brunei. Asian nations are waking up to the threat of Chinese domination. Sea lanes are a double edged sword. Exports are China’s life blood. Its coastal cities prospering because of overseas companies. And this commerce creates conversation, dialogue and exchanges about the world outside China with the most developed economies – and Freedoms.

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