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MIT Professor: Disconnect Me from the Internet

In this Day, when the internet supplies all the human needs, an MIT Professor suggest disconnecting from the internet.  He simply no longer trusts the internet.  I would not either in a number of ways.  The internet can act, in many ways, like a crutch.

If you don’t use it, you will lost it. 

This adage applies to muscles, tools (that get rusty without use) and our minds.  Example:

“What is your mother, father, brother or other family member’s phone number?”

Person:  “Well, it’s in the phone…”  Holding up their phone.

“Your phone is gone, destroyed, missing or not working with a tower.  But you have access to another phone.  How do you call them?”

Inevitably, 90% of people blink at me while about 10% (or less) know the Critical phone number.  A few people blink with realization that not knowing the phone number is wrong.  Whether they’ve taken action or not is debatable.

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California’s Pension Crisis Climbs to a Cliff

The pension crisis in California grows precipitously in its two major pension funds.  CALSTRS and CALPERS. While the fund managers claim a growth rate of 7.5%, they only achieved 0.61% last fiscal year (June 2016).  Furthermore, these two major funds are sorely underfunded, meaning that they have two bad attributes.  Underfunded and poor performance.

Stanford Study on Pensions

A Stanford study shows that the pensions are underfunded by well over a trillion dollars.  $1.2 Trillion.

If a Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research’s estimate is accurate, public pension debt in California is even worse than feared. Preliminary calculations from a forthcoming SIEPR study peg the unfunded retirement tab for state and local government employees at more than $1.2 trillion, according to Insolvent Film, a website based on a documentary on government financial stability.

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Seal Team 6 Trains to Eradicate North Korean Dictator

U.S. and S. Korean forces are currently training on the Korean peninsula.  Specials Forces such as Army Rangers, Green Beret, SEALs and more are training.  Perhaps some with a mission to eliminate Kim Jon-Un, dictator of North Korean.  The same Kim Jong-Un who has shot loyalists on his own staff with an anti-aircraft gun for nodding off at ceremonies and less insults.

Of course, the internet comes through with the North Korean Uncovered Project which seeks to use satellite images to discover the buildings, structures and more in North Korean.