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A Woman Agent Better Than a Man!

The CIA has three candidates, two men and a woman, for one assassin position. On the final day of testing, the CIA proctor leads the first male candidate to a large steel

Smartphone Game is the New Heroin

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My Quora Answer: Were US Soldier overrated in WW2?

Armies improve over time with equipment, leadership, training and experience. The American Army in 1939 was vastly different than the American Army in 1945. In addition, the Army Air Corps (which was

Economics: US Post Office to Default Bigtime

In the continuing parade of overpromising benefits and underdelivering on profitability to make payments, we have the USPS which is very overextended.   The key news here is that there is a

Chinese Naval Group Drills with Russians

A Chinese naval group is showing its muscle in the faraway but very strategic Baltic Sea.  This Sea which brings together Russia, Poland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany has significant meaning for these

Congratulations to my Second Son CJ Wallace

My son has a number of friends who I regard as my “Second Sons”.  CJ Wallace is one of them.  He has been pushing himself more into music and acting.   I

Yamato – Famed Japanese Battleship – The Details

Yamato (大和) was the lead ship of the Yamato class of Imperial Japanese Navy World War II battleships. She and her sister ship, Musashi, were the heaviest battleships ever constructed, displacing 72,800 tonnes at full load and armed with nine 46 cm (18.1 inch) 45

Yamato’s Design: The Bulbous Bow

The Japanese Battleship “Yamato” was the largest battleship ever built at 80,000 tons.  Its place in World War II history is legendary.                

Aircraft Carriers Obsolete? Hmmm

Aircraft Carriers have become the primary method by which the United States projects power.  You can  – and numerous American Presidents have – station an aircraft carrier off a country to show

Disruptions in Cabs: No More Coffee With Comedians

Uber and Lyft have continued to disrupt patterns in the transportation grid,  primarily in the cab business.   I can speak from personal experience on a trip to Miami.  Cab driver =